Our Mission

Practical, community-based projects.
Develop skills and knowledge that enable families in poor areas
    create reliable income from bees. 
Provide educational resources and promote awareness of biodiversity.


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Bees for Development promotes sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build sustainable, resilient livelihoods. We support beekeepers to maintain environments that are good for bees, for biodiversity, and for people.

Keeping bees can make a real difference – for example in Ethiopia, Tadfie obtained her first honey bee colony with our help. She sold 18 kg of honey in the first year – enabling her to buy seeds for her vegetable garden and school books for her children.

We work with local partners on community-based projects, and we provide a wide-range of information services. Building self-reliance is one of our core values: we avoid interventions which create dependency on expensive inputs. Find out more about our work below:  

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I was taught how to make beehives from local materials. Honey bees occupied the beehives by themselves – they cost me nothing. The bees feed on my trees and give me honey. I have invested little and gaining much. Now my neighbours want to copy me. Now I will plant more trees. Trees give me honey today and timber in the future.
— Stephen Walimbe, Uganda,

Livelihoods and biodiversity

All our work is driven by two overarching goals:

  • Promoting sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build resilient livelihoods
  • Conserving and maintaining the environment for people and for bees.

Beekeeping is an economic activity accessible to, and beneficial for, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. Selling honey can bring much needed income into the family – at little initial cost. And yet beekeeping does not harm the environment; indeed it sustains it. As the natural world is increasingly exploited and damaged in the pursuit of economic development, the urgency for sustainable development that supports environmental well-being is ever more essential. It is this understanding which drives our work.

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