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Megan Denver


My love for honey bees and wanting to give back to these amazing little creatures lead me to Nicola Bradbear the founder of Bees for Development. We started Bees for Development, North America, Inc a 501 (c) 3 as a US fundraising arm for Bees for Development based in Wales, UK.
They run impeccable beekeeping programs worldwide and we are honored to volunteer our time to support their work. All proceeds raised (every penny) goes to Bees for Development, UK to support their work.

If you’d like to get in touch:


Jorik Phillips

Board of Director

Jorik began his fascination with bees when he installed his first seven colonies in hives of his own making. Since then, his fascination has grown into a passion and full time business. His first years were spent learning to divide his large colonies into smaller nucleus colonies. Eager to expand his rapidly growing hobby, he began queen rearing and seeking out different races of bees and becoming familiar with their traits. He began focusing on the ones with favorable attributes and best suited to the northern region, all the while broadening the genetic diversity of the stock in his apiary.


Dr Thomas Seeley

Broad of Director

Tom Seeley is Professor of Biology at Cornell University and is passionate about the value of beekeeping in reducing poverty. Tom is an eminent and prolific research scientist and writer on the natural behaviour and ecology of honey bees, and he has a great love of woodlands.

Tom is also a Patron of Bees for Development and presents an exciting link between his ground-breaking research and the everyday practice of beekeeping in African forests which informs Bees for Development's work.